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Safety is the main feature of a garage door and these tips will definitely be beneficial for you.

Replace old springs

Old springs lose their elasticity and become brittle as time goes by. At one point they may suddenly give up and break. According to our specialists, springs should be replaced once they start to make creaking sounds because it means that they already have brittle points. With continued use, old garage door springs may cause problems.

Lubricate the wheels

Sliding garage doors are operated by small wheels for movement. If the wheels are not smooth and lubricated, the doors become heavier and harder to move. Make the garage door more efficient by lubricating the wheels. For automatic garage doors with wheels, this can make a difference with the power usage.

Cleaning your garage door

It is important to keep your door clean and functional all the time. While cleaning the door, you should make use of appropriate cleaning products depending on the type of door you have. The most common cleaning items that you need are warm water and a soft cloth.

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