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What should I look out for when checking for problems?

Visual inspection is the easiest form of checking on your garage door, according to our experts. Look for dirt buildups, rusting, missing parts, and broken parts. If you find any of these, take necessary steps to fix the discovered problem as soon as possible to keep it from developing further.

Is automatic better than manual?

Using an automatic garage door opener is not necessarily better than a manual garage door, but it definitely has its perks. There are many differences offered by an automatic garage door opener, but in the end, they both serve the same purpose. If you have the budget to buy an opener, then go for it.

I have children. Do garage doors have safety features?

Various safety garage door features are vital if there are children around. While choosing a door, you should choose one with the best safety features for children. These features include photo electric eye sensors, pinch proof panels, anti-drop systems and side hand guards.

What are the available thicknesses of steel garage doors?

Steel doors are available in various widths or known as gauge. The thickness of these garage doors varies from 20 gauges to 28 gauges. Steels with lower gauge are thicker. This means that a 20 gauge garage door is thicker and although heavier, don’t dent easily as thinner ones.

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