Refrain From Garage Door Spring Replacement

Refrain From Garage Door Spring Replacement

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Refrain From Garage Door Spring ReplacementAny problem related to garage door springs should alarm you! Though, any repair needed for springs must keep you away! Springs might be vital for the garage system but your life and overall safety are more important! Messing with springs is like playing with fire. One wrong movement and you'll either end up in the hospital or inflict terrible damage to your property. Either case is awful! And of course, your own safety comes first.

Both torsion and extension garage door springs have absolute need for maintenance and repairs but this is -simply put - not your job! It is the job of

Garage Door Repair Rancho Santa Margarita since any service regarding these parts of the system requires great knowledge and experience. When it comes to their repair, the risk is enormous! Let alone their replacement. In this case, you don't only take the risk of getting injured yourself but also of making the wrong decisions and improper installation. In either case, you will still be the victim.

5 reasons why you should not replace springs

• Garage door torsion springs replacement is much harder than it looks. You just see the torsion spring above the door and you simply think that it's easy to unscrew the brackets, remove the spring from the shaft and simply replace it. Well, in practice that's hardly the case. Releasing the tension with which torsion springs are mounted is difficult to do without getting hurt if you're inexperienced. Naturally, you'll have to stand on a stool and your face will be just in front of the spring when you do that. Chances are that due to its high tension the spring will snap your face.

• It's important to remember that each type of door will need a different kind of spring. Are you sure you have the right ones? What if you had the wrong ones all along and that's why they were worn faster! Did you replace the door lately? If you had, you need to consider the weight of the new door. Do you still need extension garage door springs or torsion ones? These questions are not easy to answer if you're not an expert.

• Springs come in different sizes. Do you really know which the perfect size for your own door is? Apart from the door's weight, when it comes to extension springs, you must also take into consideration the door's height.

• Torsion spring garage door systems need to be chosen by wire size, length and the inside diameter. You need to count the coils and make sure the right one is chosen. In some cases, you will need to add a second torsion spring, so that if one breaks, the other will keep the door moving and you'll be safe. Extremely wide doors will have two shafts connected to each other with a coupler. Do you think this is easy to install?

• Basically, the installation of the new torsion coil trampoline springs or any spring is very difficult and if it's not done properly, you'll surely have safety problems.

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